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Artist Statement

“I create art to capture the energy, beauty or feelings in a moment.

 I draw inspiration from everyday life,

 I start with an image that evokes a feeling, tells a story or is about the relationship I have  with the subject.”


Using a light realistic style, I strive to recreate moments of human experience, significant life moments, the beauty I witness in my environment and surroundings, and the connection I share with family and friends. I am inspired by beautiful landscapes, natural surroundings, and bright and colourful florals. I hope to evoke emotions of connectedness, hope, and optimism though my work.


I gravitate towards using oil paints that give off vibrant colours and offer the ability to blend and mix tones. For life drawings, I use pencil, charcoal and pastel, and embody a feeling of connectedness from my hand to the paper.


From the heart, to the hand, to the canvas; and then to be shared.



Born in Guelph, Ontario, Sally grew up in a family of 6 children where expression in visual arts and music was encouraged. 


After practicing Occupational Therapy in Toronto and Ottawa for 15 years, she took a leave of absence to raise her 4 children and pursue her love of creating art. She was thrilled to have the time and resources to dedicate herself to creative expression through painting and drawing. She specializes in portraiture, landscapes, and nature-inspired works.


She creates art using a loose, realistic style. Her mediums of choice are charcoal on paper and oil on canvas. 


She works out of The Loft Artist Studios located in Little Italy, Ottawa.   


Sally has taken art courses at the University of Ottawa, the Ontario College of Art, the Ottawa School of Art and private workshops with artists she admires. She presently teaches a course on portraiture at the Glebe Community Centre.

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